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At IDZ Digital, we are focussed on creating a network of games and apps for kids. Our team is made up of artists, coders, product managers, marketers, beat boxers, dancers, chefs, etc. With this diverse group of people, we take great care while building innovative products for kids. Come see what we have to offer!

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Internship Program for Software Developers

We are starting a 3 months Internship Program for Software Developers. In this program the intern will learn to develop mobile application while working on live projects.

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Our Work Environment

Our goals are ambitious and so are we. We have a strict rule in our office - have fun doing what you do! Even when we're working on tight deadlines, we have smiles on our faces. Our positive work environment is a breeding ground for new creative ideas. We have daily brainstorming sessions and encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

We Encourage Learning

We have weekly sessions on learning something new. Graphic artists have regular animation classes and programmers get a chance to learn a new computer language. Some of our leading animators were once freshers who just knew some sketching. In IDZ, if you put in the hard work, the learning possibilities are pretty much endless.

Independence and Responsibility

We understand that the best way for people to do their best work is by giving them independence to create. We give freedom to our teams to do the work. We don't believe in micro-management and people who are self-driven and have a desire to achieve do very well in this setup.

Open positions

Intern at IDZ

Internships open in the following positions: Game Development, Android Development, Game Design, Software Testing, Content Writing, Game Art, HR, Digital Marketing, etc.

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